August 1, 2017


Although the idea of cutting the cord on expensive cable or satellite TV costs sounds amazingly liberating, the unfortunate truth is that this would mean losing access to some of your favorite shows and channels.  Even if you could find most of your shows on Netflix, could you really stand to wait several additional months to find out what's happening on "Jane the Virgin" or " New Girl"?  If not, there's still a way to cut the cost of your current TV service without cutting the cord.  Here are 5 steps you can to negotiate with your current TV service provider for a lower monthly payment.

1.  Get to know your current contract.  Whether we choose to admit it or not, most of us don't fully understand the ins-and-outs of the contracts we sign with service providers.

2.  Search for a better deal.  The next step is to find out what kind of deals are outthere that you're not taking advantage of.  All providers will run special pricing on certain packages from time to time.

3.  Know your stuff.  Customer service representatives are more likely to win a negotation with consumers who haven't done their reserach.  This is because they usually have counter arguments in their back pocket that help them get a leg up on incoming callers.

4.  Pick up the phone.  This tip is siple but it also arguable one of the most important parts of negotiating for a lower monthly bill: pick up the phone.  It might be easier and perhaps more efficient to send an e-mail or engage in an online chat with a representative, but your negotiation will be far stronger over the phone.  Make it clear that cancelling your account is on the table and be persistent in your asking for the lowest advertised rate.

5.  Solidify your agreement.  Once's you've come to an agreement with your TV service provider, don't just assume that your next bill will reflect the changes you've requested.  Ask for a specific date for when this will go into effect and review the terms you've agreed upon one more time.  Be sure to write these terms down.

August 1, 2017


Most people enjoy summertime.  But it can take a toll on home appliances.  With kids out of school, families typically use them more frequently and the heat and humidity forces them to work harder and longer.  Extreme heat, summer storms and power outages can also damage appliances, all of these factors can spell trouble if you're not performing routine maintenance.

1.  Clean your refrigerator's condenser coils.  Condenser coils help the refrigerator stay cool by releasing heat from the compressor.  Dirty coils result in the refrigerator having to work harder to cool, which can result in expensive cooling system repairs.  Clean the condenser coils at least twice a year, removing dirt, pet hair, food and more.

2.  Clean and inspect yourrefrigerator's door gaskets.  A leaky door gasket, the rubber strip that runs alongside the door to form an air-tight seal with the fridge, can result in your refrigerator trying to cool the entire kitchen  rather than the food an drinks inside.  Clean the gasket with a mild clener and then check the seal integrity with a solution of soapy water(just like you do with an inflatable mattress).

3.  Change the air filters in your HVAC system.  Homeowners should regularly change their air filters, as dirty ones can lead to increased energy bills and damage systems.  Experts recomment changing air filters every 3 months at a minimum and monthly during the summer if they are dirty.

4.  Clear away debris and clean HVAC condenser coils.  Condenser coils release the heat frm the AC unit to the outside.  Dirty coils can reduce the unit's ability to cool your home, forcing you to run it longer and use more energy.

5.  Clean the dryer lint trap and moisture sensors.  Our expert technicians recommend you to clean the dryer lint trap after every single load to ensure your machine is drying clothes as quickly as possible, which will save you time and energy.  Periodically use a dryer lint brush to dislodge and remove the lint that the screen didn't catch and clean up with a vacuum.

6.  Clean and inspect your gas grill.  With outdoor entertaining season here, now is a great time to make sure your gas grill is in working order.  Make sure the gas is off, check the manual for how to remove the burners, then brush out the grill's interior and burner ports with a wire brush.

June 2017


Buying a new house is an exciting process that marks a new chapter in your life.  For many people, it's fun to shop around and tour diferent properties.  When your serious about purchasing a home, there are a few important parts of the property to check before you move in.

You should feel comfortable with the quality of the neighborhood which will influence the value of your home.  Look at the condition of the other homes and check to see if people are loitering at different times of the day.  The house should also be in proximity to your job or nearby schools if you have children.

The storage space that is available in the home influences how much clutter will be left out in the open.  Look for plenty of storage space that is available in the bedroom closets or in the kitchen to ensure that you can comfortably fit everything that you own without feeling cramped.

Run the faucets to inspect the water pressure and ask the owners if the pipes are insulated.  Hire professionals to check if the radiators and if the hot water tank needs to be replaced soon.

The roof is one of the most costly features of the home and protects the interior setting from damage due to environmental elements.  Hire a professional roofer to determine the lifespan of the roofing materials and if it needs any repairs.

Many buyers make the mistake of overloooking the drainage on the property, but the feature can cause issues if they're not in good shape.  Insufficient drainage can lead to severe structural problems in the building.

   In case you did not know, I also do Property Management.  But only in the Greater Kirkland area.   If you are interested in knowing more about this service, please give me a call.

425-827- 6676

I am so very pleased to introduce the new members of my Team . . . .
Janessa and Sharon and Becky

1320 Market St  Suite "B"
Kirkland, Wa 98033


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Neighborhood real estate news

King County Property Taxes
To check King County Taxes on your property or assessed value, please center your mouse over King County Taxes.


Classic Car show cruise in and dance
July 29th - 30th  Downtown Kirkland

Saturday night come on down and join us for some Live music; then on Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm enjoy the car show, presented by Larry Hanson Co-host Lance Lambert and the Kirkland downtown Association,

Whether you love hot rods or classics, don't miss the free carshow at Marina Park.


Cross Kirkland Corridor Mural Project

August 2-16 Cross Kirkland Corridor at 85th Street underpass

This August c ome add your creativity to a new mural project along the Cross Kirkland Corridor !  The Kirkland Curtural Arts Commission recently selected creative duo Jake "Dkoy" Wagoner and Mike Lucero to install a large formal mural, which is entitled " What is . . . ".


Sprinkler Park
Thursdays August 3rd, 10th, 17th - 12-3:00 Lee Johnson Field in Downtown Kirkland - Free

This summer at Lee Johnson Field Kirkland Parks will host Sprinkler Park Thursdays.  A variety of sprinklers, suitable for all ages, will be set up for everyone to enjoy and cool off from the summer heat.

Park to Park open water swim

August 27th  7:30 am - OO Denny Park

The Park to Park swim is a fun, non competitive 1.42 mile swim across Lake Washington from Matthews Beach in Seattle to O.O. Denny Park in Kirkland.  Proceeds from the swim benefit the Emergency Patient Assistance Fund at Seattle Children's Hospital.  See website for more information. 

Kirkland Wine Walk
August 25th   6 - 9 pm Heathman Hotel

Beat the heat starting at the Heathman Hotel, stroll through downtown Kirkland's charming boutique shopping district and experience local wineries at downtown Kirkland businesses.

Kirkland Farm to table dinner

August 26th Carillon Point

Celebrate local farm fresh produce with a five-course menu created by Kirkland's James Beard Award winning Chef- Jason Wilson and an all-start line up including Roy Breiman, Chris Weber, Frank Rog, Jamie Casady and Jordan Cooper, all to benefit Food Lifeline and the great cause of ending hunger in our area.

Kirkland Downtown Art Walk
August 11th  5-8 pm

Runs on the 2nd Friday of every month in downtown Kirkland and Parkplace Center.  Among the participants are Howard Mandville Gallery, Parklane Gallery, the Kirkland Art Center Store in Kirkland Parkplace.

Summer concert series
Children's concerts Tuesday 10 to 11 am at Juanita Beach Park

Evening concerts Thursday 7 - 8:30 pm at Marina Park

Suggested donation $2.00

Studio East Presents " Mary Poppins"
Juy 29th - August 6th - Kirkland Performance Center

Expect the winds top change this August as Studio East brings everyone's favorite practically perfect nanny to the state in this "supercalifraglisticexpliaidocious" musical adventure.

August 11th  - 13th   -  Marina Park

All around downtown Kirkland from Parklane to Marina Park - 3 full days of fun - family oriented performances, activities and entertainment.  Food trucks, beer and wine garden will be located around town.  FREE

Carillon Point Plaza Outdoor Movie Nights
Once again, Carillon Point hosts the popular Movie Nights benefiting Hopelink.   August 5th thru August 22nd: Guardians of the Galaxy

Come eary, set up a chair, unfurl your blanket, then relax and enjoy a late night movie on a screen overlooking Lake Washington. The movie begins at dusk, the plaza opens one hour before dusk for seating. Cost: recommended $5. dontion to Hopelink. - 425-822-1700


Kirkland Kids Triathlon
September 19th  11:00 am  Juanita Beach Park

Kids ages 3-12 can swim, bike and run in a triathlon just for them !  The kids Triathlon includes a 50 yard swim in Lake Washington, a one-half mile bike ride, and a 400 yard run.  All segments will be in the park, so parents can rest easy and  spectators can catch all the fun.  Race is non-competitive.
$32 entry fee includes tax

All Porsche Grand Display
September 10th  9 am to 3:30 pm -  Carillon Point - $10 Adults; $5 for ages 13-17

The Porsche Club of American presents its Third annual All Porsche Grand Display at Carillon Point.
The Porsches are coming !  The Porsches are coming ! This display of all things Porsche incudes sports cars, panamera Sedans, Cayenne SUV's, tractors, clothng, sporting equipment, drivers collection and memorabelia.  There will also be some unusual, unique and historic road and truck cars, along with vendor booths, food and music.  It's a Porsche lovers dream come true !

Tall ships in Kirkland
September 6th  -10th  - 425-822-3700-Times Vary - The woodmark Hotel

The tradition continues !  This Labor Day Weekend, plan your visit to Carillon Point and unleash your "inner pirate" !  Ever wantd to know what is was like to sail on the high seas?  Ask the crew while you tour the majestic tall ships when they dock at Carillon Point this summer.  Public tours and sailings offered throughout the week-end.

Farmer's Markets Top of Page

Juanita Farmers Market
Every Friday starting June 2nd thru September  29th 2017 from 3:00 to 7:00 PM  Juanita Beach Park  -  

Friday Market offers delicious locally grown fruits, fresh produce and beautiful flowers.  Special guests are featured in the community booth and there is live music all summer long.  FREE

Downtown Kirkland Farmers Market
Every Wednesday starting June 7th - 2017 to September 27th 2017 from 2:00 to 7:00 PM  Marina Park. 

Vibrant, Lively and Luscious, the Kirkland Wednesday Market features locally produced fruits, vegetables, cheese, meats, jams, breads and pastries along with the arts and crafts.

Kirkland Continous Events Top of Page

Kirkland Heritage Society
Meets every last Wednesday  of the month at 7:00 PM at the Heritage building on Market street.

Life Open studio
Drop in drawing, painting or sculping sessions.  Open to the community; registration not required.  $8 .00 fee.  Sundays 1-4:00pm - 3rd floor - Kirkland Arts Center

Wine Tasting, Tours,, Libations and More
Drop in to Sip and Savor ( check websites for tasting info and details)

         Bin on the lake: 
         Enjoy Fine varietals at a value locally( check websites for details)


          Brix Wine Cafe: 

         Grand Reve Winters: 
         The Grape Choice: 
         Northwest Cellars:  
         Pondera Winery:  


Cooks Delight
Local Area cooking classes ( check websites for full schedules)

          Sur La Table:           Details:


Last Friday of each month 6:30 pm/Kirkland Arts Center- come share a meal and discuss current art issues, includes short presentation and creative exercise.

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