June 2017


Buying a new house is an exciting process that marks a new chapter in your life.  For many people, it's fun to shop around and tour diferent properties.  When your serious about purchasing a home, there are a few important parts of the property to check before you move in.

You should feel comfortable with the quality of the neighborhood which will influence the value of your home.  Look at the condition of the other homes and check to see if people are loitering at different times of the day.  The house should also be in proximity to your job or nearby schools if you have children.

The storage space that is available in the home influences how much clutter will be left out in the open.  Look for plenty of storage space that is available in the bedroom closets or in the kitchen to ensure that you can comfortably fit everything that you own without feeling cramped.

Run the faucets to inspect the water pressure and ask the owners if the pipes are insulated.  Hire professionals to check if the radiators and if the hot water tank needs to be replaced soon.

The roof is one of the most costly features of the home and protects the interior setting from damage due to environmental elements.  Hire a professional roofer to determine the lifespan of the roofing materials and if it needs any repairs.

Many buyers make the mistake of overloooking the drainage on the property, but the feature can cause issues if they're not in good shape.  Insufficient drainage can lead to severe structural problems in the building.

June 2017


One of the first focuses for most peopke looking for a home is square feet?  How many square feet are there?  How does it compare to the rest of the neighborhood and area?

Size, of course does have an impact.  More square footage provides the opportunity to have more flexibility with design, room arrangements and features, but experience tells me it is not the most important factor for home buyers.  Features like views, finishes, layout and general feeling are harder to assign an absolute value, so we tend to look at square footage first.

Ergonomics at Home Please . . . .  Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplace, products and systems so that they fit the people that use them.  People look to find comfort and enjoyment in their lives and their environment work or home, and that can have both a positive and negative impact on their well being.  For most of us, home is the place we will spend the majority of our time, so having spaces that fit us and make us more comfortable is extremely important.

Give The People What they Want . . . .Across the country you will find many new construction homes built in the modern style, which is an update to the mid-century modern designs of the 20th century.  In many of the western U. S. cities such as Los Angles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Denver, this style of home is in great demand.

What is Modern Anyway ? . . . . . . . . .   Many Architects are students and fans of the mid-century designs that emphasize simplicity, open spaces, clean sharp lines and integration with the world around you.  You will find a large emphasis on building homes that take advantage of the lot for views.  Integration with outdoors and multiple use rooms.  Large glass windows for natural light and flat roof lines are also common features of the style and when incorporated with a good design can make the home feel great inside and look stunning outside.

After many years of helping people find homes that fit their personalities and lifestyle, I have noticed that it is almost always the use of the space that has a greater impact than the sheer volume of square footage.

May 25, 2017


Everyone wants to protect their home, their property and most of all their families.  In fact, market reserach suggests the home security business is growing at a rate of about 9 percent a year.

Home security systems are not all alike, however.  Some systems can not only warn you of intruders, but can also notify authorities, monitor smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and or include video surveilance.  Most security alarm installers can provide services that include equipment plus installation and monitoring services.

Check out companies online and check the Better Business Bureau for complaints.  Verify that the contractors license is in good standing via the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies.  Get written estimates from several companies.  Read the fine print regarding costs, installation timeline, warranty and an explanation of your right to cancel within three days of signing a contract and  . . . . . .  ask a lot of questions.

Who will perform the installation and monitor the system?  Some companies subcontract this work to a third party.

1.  What is thecontract period for monitoring?  one year?  More?  Are there penalties for early termination?  What happens if you move before the contract term is up?
2.  How much does the monitoring cost?  How often will you be billed?
3.  Does the company call you before notifying the police?
4.  How soon after the alarm sounds wlll you be notified?
5.  What happens if the alarm company can't reach you when the alarm is sounding? Is the alarm reset?  Are the police called? Are alternate numbers called?
6.  What happens if the power goes out?  Is there a back-up battery system?
7.  What does the warranty cover, and for how long?  Is it from the manufacturer or their installer?
8.  Who is responsible for repairs or upgrades to the system?

   In case you did not know, I also do Property Management.  But only in the Greater Kirkland area.   If you are interested in knowing more about this service, please give me a call.

425-827- 6676

I am so very pleased to introduce the new members of my Team . . . .
Janessa and Sharon

1320 Market St  Suite "B"
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Neighborhood real estate news

King County Property Taxes
To check King County Taxes on your property or assessed value, please center your mouse over King County Taxes.


Joycing Around
Flann O'Brien and the Anxiety of Irish Influence - BookTree - 609 Market St   11-2:00 pm

A Discussion of James Joyce's influence on noted Irish Author Flann O'Brien, presented by UW English Professor Gary Handwerk plus audience readings from Joyce's Ulysses.

Girls Giving Back Art and Wine Auction
Suite Lounge Bellevue Collection   2-6:00 June 4th  $60. Tickets

It is going to be a wonderful Sunday afternoon with friends and family supporting GGB's future shelter transformations.  Featuring local art, incredible wines and live musical performance by Troy Kline.

"Swing for a Cause"
The Kirkland Police Department 2017 Charity golf tournament.

Bear Creek Country Club Woodinville 11:00 am shotgun Start

Benefiting the Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. ( C.O.P.s) who mission is rebuilding the shattered lives of survivors and co-workers affected by line of duty deaths and also the Special Olympics.  Proceeds from the golf tournament are a significant portion of  C.O.P.S. yearly budget.

NAMI Walks
June 3rd - 8 am  Marina Park - Kirkland

Every journey begins with that first step !  NAMI Wa
lks celebrates 13 years in 2017, and is the largest and most successful mental health awareness and fundraising event in America !  Through NAMIWalks' public, active display of support for people affected by mental illness, it changes how Americans view persons with a mental illness. This is leading to ensuring that help and hope are available for those in need.

Second Friday Downtown Kirkland Art Walk
 June 9th  5-8 pm  Downtown Kirkland

Stroll through downtown Kirkland and Parklace Center the second Friday of every month for the Kirkland Downtown Art Walk.  Among the participants are Howard/Mandville Gallery, Parklane Gallery, the Kirkland Arts Center Store in Kirkland Parkplace and downtown busineses.

Seattle Repretory Jazz Orchestra:Big Band

June 18th  2 pm Adults $48; Seniors:$45; Youth: $15

If you don't know Christian McBride, prepare yourself for a new favorite Jazz artist.  Virtuoso bassist Christian McBride is a leading figure on today's international jazz stage and a dominant contributor to the New York jazz scene, performing with such groups as Wynton Marsallis' Jazz at Lincoln Center and the bands if Herbie Hancock, Sonny Rollins, and Chick Corea,plus his own fabulous trio that has repeatedly thrilled audiences at sold out concerts in Seattle.

Kirkland Arts Center Summer Camp
June 26th - 30th  Gallery Hours - Kirkland Art Center

Camp session 1 begins with Laugh Art Loud -check web site for class times

Check out the KAC's Summer camps. In KAC's Summer Art Camps, children ages 5- 12 will make discoveries and learn new skills through the use of a variety of mediums and techniques that include clay, paper, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, pastels, printmaking inks and water based paints.

Farmer's Markets Top of Page

Juanita Farmers Market
Every Friday starting June 2nd thru September  29th 2017 from 3:00 to 7:00 PM  Juanita Beach Park  -  

Friday Market offers delicious locally grown fruits, fresh produce and beautiful flowers.  Special guests are featured in the community booth and there is live music all summer long.  FREE

Downtown Kirkland Farmers Market
Every Wednesday starting June 7th - 2017 to September 27th 2017 from 2:00 to 7:00 PM  Marina Park. 

Vibrant, Lively and Luscious, the Kirkland Wednesday Market features locally produced fruits, vegetables, cheese, meats, jams, breads and pastries along with the arts and crafts.

Kirkland Continous Events Top of Page

Kirkland Heritage Society
Meets every last Wednesday  of the month at 7:00 PM at the Heritage building on Market street.

Life Open studio
Drop in drawing, painting or sculping sessions.  Open to the community; registration not required.  $8 .00 fee.  Sundays 1-4:00pm - 3rd floor - Kirkland Arts Center

Wine Tasting, Tours,, Libations and More
Drop in to Sip and Savor ( check websites for tasting info and details)

         Bin on the lake: 
         Enjoy Fine varietals at a value locally( check websites for details)


          Brix Wine Cafe: 

         Grand Reve Winters: 
         The Grape Choice: 
         Northwest Cellars:  
         Pondera Winery:  


Cooks Delight
Local Area cooking classes ( check websites for full schedules)

          Sur La Table:           Details:


Last Friday of each month 6:30 pm/Kirkland Arts Center- come share a meal and discuss current art issues, includes short presentation and creative exercise.

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